Spring Pack: adobe camera raw

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Spring Pack: adobe camera raw

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This is the Adobe Camera Raw version of the Spring Pack. Be sure to purchase the correct pack and version. No refunds or exchanges will be given if you purchase the wrong one.

The Spring Pack

I use the spring pack for most sessions that have lots of green in the landscape. From cooler greens with blue undertones, to deep warm greens, the spring pack lets you easily tame those neon yellow greens to your liking. While these presets are usually one-click edits on my work, they will most likely need adjustments to be compatible with your own shooting and editing style. I tend to shoot underexposed, so they automatically bring up the blacks and shadows and will need to be properly adjusted for anyone who shoots brighter.

NVP 04: has cooler greens with blue undertones. This preset is great for overcast days or shooting in shadows, and is perfect for images taken before golden hour when the sun is still higher in the sky.

NVP 05: this one is my personal favorite because it's the perfect preset for when the sun is low in the sky and the light is perfectly golden. I almost always use this one when I'm shooting during the true golden hour. It creates warm, rich greens and warm skin tones. You can easily adjust the warmth of the image using the white balance sliders.

NVP 06: this is a more extreme preset. It's mainly for underexposed backlit images when I'm shooting well before golden hour, so the sun is harsh and I'm trying to maintain the sky without blowing out the highlights. It pushes the blacks/shadows all the way up and pulls the highlights/whites all the way down because I know the dynamic range of my camera allows it. If you don't shoot quite so underexposed, this preset will require a lot of tweaking for you, but it's great to save images taken earlier in the day. 

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Includes 3 color presets

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