Senior Portrait Posing Guide and Posing Cards

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Senior Portrait Posing Guide and Posing Cards

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This Product Includes:

Senior Portrait Posing: The Ultimate Guide to Posing Individual Girls for Senior Portraits


145 Posing Cards

As a portrait photographer, learning how to pose an individual client for a full session, with a variety of poses and without running out of ideas, is one of the hardest techniques to learn, and can be downright terrifying if you don't have much experience. Posing girls for senior portraits is a whole new challenge in comparison to posing a couple for an engagement session for example, but there aren't many educational tools available in the industry for photographers to learn how to pose seniors.

This PDF guide is the first and most comprehensive of it's kind in the industry, and the only senior posing education you'll need to confidently tackle your sessions. It teaches you my signature posing technique that allows me to flow through a senior session without trying to memorize a big list of poses, and without ever running out of ideas.

The guide's 50 pages include: 

  • More than 150 unique sample poses total that any real female senior client can do. These are not "model-level" poses.
  • Poses in an order that is easy for you to flow through during your sessions.
  • 35 seated poses.
  • 44 standing poses.
  • 24 head shot poses.
  • 8 movement prompts.
  • 14 leaning poses.
  • 13 step poses.
  • 5 laying poses.
  • Explanations for each pose.
  • Prompts to give your client, shooting angles, and posing mistakes to watch out for.
  • Every single important posing tip, trick, and principle I've learned over my years of experience specializing in senior portraits for girls.

This guide is for you if:

  • You have no experience with senior portraits, and want to learn how to pose them so you can photograph more senior sessions.

  • You have some experience with senior portraits, but feel like your sessions don't flow well and you don't achieve as much of a variety of poses as you'd like.

  • You feel lost at your senior sessions and lack confidence. You frequently freeze, run out of ideas, and don't know what pose to do next. 

  • You feel confident with posing, but you have trouble filling longer sessions with a variety of poses. 

  • Your clients frequently comment that they didn't like some of the images because they felt the posing was awkward.

  • This guide can also be used to learn how to photograph any individual girls or women for any type of session, such as blogger sessions, branding sessions, business promotion, head shots, etc.

After purchasing the guide and implementing my signature posing techniques, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently pose individual girls for portraits.

  • Produce more than 35 unique images per hour during sessions.

  • Be able to pose any individual girl in any type of location, no matter if there are any posing props available to you or not.

  • Create natural, flattering poses that any real senior client can do, no matter if they've ever been in front of a camera or not.

  • Make your senior clients feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera than ever.

  • Your seniors will RAVE about you to all their friends about how easy their session with you was.

Posing Cards:

This product purchase comes with the Educational Posing Guide AND the separate Posing Cards. These are 145 individual cards optimized for cell phones. They each are numbered and have a photo of one unique pose. The purpose of these cards is so you can put them on your phone and swipe through during your sessions for guidance and inspiration.

The cards come in two formats so you can use whichever you prefer: Individual JPEGS so you can pick and choose your favorite poses and add only those to your phone, and one large PDF so you can keep them all together and swipe through as your session progresses. 

These two products (the PDF Guide and the Posing Cards) will be in a zip file for downloading after purchasing. If you wait longer than 24 hours after purchasing to download the files, the download link will not be available. 

Digital downloads are not refundable.

The Posing Guide and Cards are copyrighted to Naturally Vivid Photography. Any photographer found selling, sharing, or claiming these products to be their own will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.