Is there any better way to kick off your senior year, or celebrate going off to college, than a group photoshoot with all of your best friends?! These sessions are perfect for capturing your friendship before your lives change forever when everyone goes their separate ways off to college. Throw on your favorite outfit, or your college T-shirts, and we’ll all get together on a warm summer evening to capture gorgeous insta-worthy photos with all of your best friends.

Friend sessions are available to anyone, even if you have not booked NVP for your regular senior portraits. Friend sessions include group and smaller pairing images only, no individual portraits, so they are not a replacement for an individual senior session.

Session Details:

Include 3-10 friends

45 min session

Location options: field, urban, or park

1 cute outfit each + college t-shirts (optional)

20-40 final, fully edited images in an online gallery for downloading, which will be available within 10 business days after the session

$300 Session Fee due, which is split evenly between each participant. So if 3 friends participate, each will pay $100. If 10 friends participate, each will pay only $30.


How to book:

  1. Get your group together

  2. Choose your session date and rain date from the list below

  3. Decide on your preferred location type: either a wide-open field, Downtown Frederick, or a park location

    • Field location example HERE (your specific field location will be determined within 2 weeks of your session, and will be located within 1 hr of Union Bridge MD)

    • See Downtown Frederick in this session HERE

    • Park location example HERE (your specific park location will be determined within 2 weeks of your session, and will be located within 1 hr of Union Bridge MD)

  4. Have EACH group member fill out the book now form linked at the bottom of this page.

  5. Once I receive forms from every member, you’ll all be emailed your portrait agreement and session fee invoice.

  6. When each member completes both of those items (agreement and invoice) your friend session is officially booked!

Available dates:

(Choose two: one as your preferred session date, and a backup date after that in case of rain on your preferred date.)

June 22nd

June 23rd

June 24th

June 25th

June 26th

June 27th

July 9th

July 10th

July 11th

July 12th

July 13th

July 14th

July 22nd

July 23rd

July 24th

July 25th

July 26th

July 27th

August 1st

August 2nd

August 5th

August 6th

August 7th

August 8th

August 9th

August 10th

August 11th

To book your friend session, ALL participants need to fill out this form: