Photography for equestrians, by an equestrian.

With well over 10 years of riding experience, I understand how important it is to capture the bond you share with your horse not only inside the ring, but outside the ring too. True equestrians don't just show up to the barn on lesson days to a tacked up horse and head into the ring. They make special trips to the barn just to groom their horse, hang out with them, and spoil them to pieces. These are the riders who put their heart and soul into their partnership, who see their horse as their best friend, their partner in crime, their solution to every bad day. These riders love their horses for more than just how high they can jump and want to capture that love while they can. So instead of the same old action shots from the ring, I want to capture the quiet moments where it's just you, your horse, and your bond. Instead of tall boots and breeches, or dirty boots and messy hair, put on a gorgeous dress or a cute outfit and spend an evening with me, capturing your bond and turning it into priceless, timeless images that will last long after the competitions are over. 

Nvp serves equestrian clients located within 2 hours of Union Bridge, MD

Equestrian Experiences begin at $495 and include all final images in an online gallery for downloading.

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