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Lily J., Linganore High School | Carroll County Senior Portrait Photographer | Westminster, MD

Lily is a senior at Linganore High School who plans to major in Drama in college. For her gorgeous fall session, we spent the evening exploring the Union Mills Homestead and finished at a pretty little flowery field just down the road. Lily was such a natural in front of the camera and I had so much trouble narrowing down to her final images! Press play on the first image below, then enjoy some of my favorites from her fall senior portrait session. 

Emma P., FSK High School | Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer | Westminster, MD

When Emma, a Class of 2017 senior at Francis Scott Key High School, came to me to do her senior portraits and mentioned that she wanted to incorporate her flute and her love of reading, I just knew her session was going to turn out amazing! On the day of her session, we spent the whole evening chasing the light all across the campus of the Montessori School getting SO many amazing shots with so much variety. Press play on the first image below and enjoy some of my favorites from her stunning session. -Becca, Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer

The Perfect Dress For Your Equestrian Portrait Session | Maryland Equine Photographer | Union Bridge, MD

Is there anything more fun than getting all dressed up and having a photoshoot with your horse?! Picking the perfect outfit is no easy task, and actually FINDING it is even harder! To get stunning images at your equine portrait session, follow these insider's tips when choosing the perfect dress for your shoot! 

How To Pick The Perfect Outfit For Portraits With Your Horse

1. The Color

To make your photos POP, choose a dress color that stands out from your horse's coat. For my shoot at the gorgeous Hidden Hills Horse Farm in Frederick, MD, Courtney wore a long white dress with blue details which looked so gorgeous next to Bentley, a fancy bay. See how well the dress stands out in the photos? 

Courtney and Bentley of Hidden Hills Horse Farm

Courtney and Bentley of Hidden Hills Horse Farm

Another way to make sure your images look stunning is to go with a print dress! I know I know, you thought you should stay away from prints for a photo session, right? WRONG! Personally, I LOVE photographing prints because they add a "wow" factor to your images when done right. See how gorgeous Shannon-Marie's print dress is in her shoot? 

Shannon-Marie and Sunny of CB Farm

Shannon-Marie and Sunny of CB Farm

2. The Fit

The fit of your dress is so important for equestrian sessions! In addition to making sure the dress's fit is flattering, choose a dress that is flowy with either a slit or a little shorter in the front than the back. See how both Courtney and Shannon-Marie's dresses are very A-line, with no slit or flow? Both of them were unable to easily get on their horse for photos. While we managed to get Courtney on for a couple shots in it, it was not easy! Dresses that are more flowy are also basically a photographer's dream! My favorite shots usually involve movement, so being able to play with your dress by flipping it and letting it flow naturally makes a HUGE difference in the images. So when picking out your dress for your equine portrait session, try to look for a dress like Nadine's below, which not only is a gorgeous blue with a PRINT, but has the perfect amount of flow :) 

3. Mix it up

While a gorgeous dress is usually the main event at your equine session, having an outfit change into something more casual adds a ton of variety and lets us play more with images of you actually on your horse. Shannon-Marie's second outfit, dark jeans and a white top, stood out beautifully against Sunny's chestnut coat in the fading evening light and let us play around with images of sunny's gorgeous floaty trot! At Ella's session, her casual outfit of a blue top and ripped jeans brought variety and personality to her shoot while standing out beautifully next to her pony Drummer. 

Shannon-Marie and Sunny

Shannon-Marie and Sunny

Ella and Drummer at Country Hill Farm

Ella and Drummer at Country Hill Farm

Now if you're anything like me, when I am looking for a specific dress, no matter how many stores I go into, I cannot find it when I'm actually looking for it! Of course when I'm not looking for something specific I will probably find it, but my go to store for the BEST dresses for photo shoots is........ LULU's! Their dresses are not only affordable and gorgeous, but they offer FREE returns since they are all online! They have every type of dress imaginable, from long to short to casual or dressy, and they tell you what size the model pictured is wearing and how tall they are so its super easy to figure out what size you need. So for clients struggling to find that perfect flowy dress for their equestrian session, or any other session really, I will always recommend Lulu's. 

Nadine | Maryland Portrait Photographer | Westminster, MD

After a very long few months of winter, when a 60 degree day in February rolls around I just HAVE to shoot. Who better to be my model than gorgeous Nadine who recently moved back to Maryland after living in Hawaii for 4 years. So in love with these photos, she killed it as usual.

First, click play on the first image below. If there was a soundtrack playing during all of life's moments like during a movie, this song would have been playing during this shoot. Enjoy!