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3 New Year’s Resolutions Every Photographer Should Make For 2019

Entering into a new year is like hitting the “reset” button of life. For us photographers, it’s often the time when we are evaluating our work and business from the past year, and thinking about where we want to take it in the new year. Below are the 5 New Year’s resolutions every photographer should make this year in order to achieve growth, success, and balance in 2019!

  1. Learn how to say “no”.

It might sound crazy that I’m recommending you turn down paid work in 2019, but hear me out! Every photographer out there gets requests to do every type of session under the sun, myself included. During the very first year of my business, I said “yes” to pretty much every one of those requests that were willing to pay me. While it was great to gain the experience of doing all different kinds of sessions, I quickly realized that every time I said “yes” to a session that I wasn’t thrilled to do, it meant that I would have to say “no” to something that I DID really want to do, because I just didn’t have time. This meant that I was putting a ton of time and work into things that I didn’t really want to do, and it also meant that I kept getting more and more inquiries for those types of sessions, since that was what I was posting on social media. When I began turning down all the sessions that I didn’t truly LOVE and look forward to do doing, my business flourished because I was able to put all my time and effort into working on the sessions that really inspired me.

2. Set business hours and stick to them.

Being your own boss has a lot of advantages, but one HUGE disadvantage that we all suffer from, is the feeling that you should be working and available to your clients all day every day. We all need to let go of the guilt that often comes with putting off answering that email that just came in at 9pm, and instead take a break, and take care of ourselves as well as we strive to take care of our clients. Answer that late night email the next day, and wait until Monday to get to all those weekend emails. It might feel like the world will end and your clients will hate you if you allow yourself some time off, but there is no email that is worth more than your mental health. You do NOT need to be available to your clients at all hours of the night, and all weekend long. Own your business, don’t let it own you!

3. Shoot for yourself.

Make time this year for at least two shoots that are just for YOU. No client expectations, no time limits and outfit requirements. Style a session that is exactly how you want it to look. Let yourself be inspired by something new or different. Being busy with client work is AMAZING, and the ultimate goal for every photographer, but if you don’t take the time to shoot for yourself every so often, you’ll quickly become burnt out.


Becca Mathews: Maryland Portrait Photographer and Photographer Mentor