Jen, Zion, and Tilley at Waters Edge Farm | Maryland Equine Photographer | Sykesville, Maryland

It's safe to say the only thing you can count on when doing sessions with horses, is that you can't count on anything! Jen and I had planned on using Zion, the gorgeous dark bay, but the day of the shoot he ended up being pretty anxious out in the field and didn't want to stand still. We snapped a few shots of him still because, hello, isn't he stunning?! Then, to not stress him out too much and to get some more images, we switched to her pretty mare Tilley, who is for sale! We ended up getting some truly gorgeous images at the amazing Waters Edge Farm, which is literally right on the water, despite having to switch horses. Jen and her horses were fantastic models for my styled equestrian shoot, and we were taught once again that when working with animals for photo shoots, you have to work WITH them and not against them!