The One Thing You Should Tell Me At Your Senior Portrait Consult | Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer | Union Bridge, MD

When we get together for your senior portrait session consult, there's SO much to go over, like which package experience is best for you, how to choose your outfits, how to book your session, and on and on. But if there's one thing every single senior or junior should tell me, it's:

how I can make your session personal

I'm a huge believer in one size does NOT fit all, so to speak. Everyone is different. Everyone has different likes, different hobbies, different interests, different styles. If I took each senior to the same exact locations in Mount Airy or Westminster or Union Bridge or Frederick, used the same exact props, used the same exact poses, and told you to wear the same exact outfits, chances are you probably aren't going to be super in love with your photos, and I know I DEFINITELY won't be. 

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My favorite part about photographing high school seniors is the challenge of making every session unique and personal at least in some way. I never reuse locations for seniors in the same graduating class, so your session will always be unique that way. But I REALLY love finding out something you love, your specific style, or even just a specific location request, because these are the types of things that inspire me to create something beautifully unique for you. 

Ashley, who is a class of 2017 senior at South Carroll High School, told me how much she loves flowers and sunflowers specifically. I searched for weeks and finally found a private flower farm to use for her session, and it was gorgeous. Ashley and her mom were so happy I found that location for them and I was SO unbelievably excited to show them her images because I knew how much they would love them with that personal location. 

Emma, who's a class of 2017 senior at FSK, told me she really wanted to incorporate her love for reading and playing the flute. UMMM YES PLEASE! She even picked her own location, the property around her middle school, and it was totally gorgeous. Between all the different spots on the property and her unique props, Emma's session turned out amazing and so personal to her. 

So at your consult, help me create something unique for you, because I want you to look back on your senior portraits in 10 years and love them just as much as you did the day we created them. 


-Becca, Carroll County Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer