The Fall Pack

I use this set of presets for 90% of my work during the fall because they bring out the warm tones in leaves and landscapes. I've found they work beautifully on all types of images, from backlit at golden hour, to cloudy/overcast light, to indoor sessions, but my favorite scenario to use them is backlit at golden hour, and they are especially great for locations with brown tones. While these presets are usually one-click edits on my work, they will most likely need adjustments to be compatible with your own shooting and editing style. I tend to shoot underexposed, so they automatically bring up the blacks and shadows and will need to be properly adjusted for anyone who shoots brighter. They both create warm skin tones, vibrant and rich colors, and tame greens. NVP 01 is slightly darker and warmer, and NVP 02 is brighter, cooler, and brings out the blue tones. I love soft blue skies in my images, so you WILL need to adjust accordingly if the preset brings out too much blues in the highlights for your liking. These presets are not set up for extremely under or over exposed images, and require a basic knowledge of Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. 

Available for ACR and lightroom

Download will be available for 24 hours after purchase

includes 2 color presets and 1 B+W in a Zip file

please tag #NVPpresets when posting on social media so I can see all your beautiful work!

*Tips on how to adjust to your images at the bottom of this page*

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Simple ways to tweak the presets to suit your style and images:

1. Use the white balance sliders if your image is too warm or cool

2. If the skin tones are too orange, simply reduce the saturation of the oranges in the HSL panel

3. You can use the HSL panel to adjust the hue and saturation of the greens to your liking

4. Experimenting with the shadows and blacks is a super easy way to either soften/brighten the image or create a more moody/dark image