When the most exciting part of your senior year of high school is finally here, your senior portrait session, deciding which outfits to wear can be so hard! At planning consults with my clients, this topic is one we spend a lot of time discussing, because your outfits have a HUGE impact on your final images. In ten years, when you're looking back on your high school years, you don't want to look back on your senior portraits and wonder why the heck you chose to wear those outfits! By following these guidelines that I give all my seniors, your images will be sure to turn out gorgeously timeless. 

1. Stay away from neon colors, big logos, and WRINKLES!

2. Get variety in your images by choosing 1 casual outfit, like jeans and a cute top, and one more formal outfit, such as a long or short dress.

3. Try to avoid too much solid black, as it photographs as a "blob" with no shape or texture.

4. Accessorize! Cute hats, scarves, sweaters, and jewelry are a great way to get more variety without changing your whole outfit. Plus, they REALLY improve the overall look of your images.  

5. Don't be afraid of patterns! Stylish patterns that aren't overwhelming photograph beautifully and add a unique flair to your images. 

6. Most importantly, choose outfits that you feel the most confident YOU in. You should be able to look back years down the line and remember how beautiful you felt at your session and STILL love what you chose to wear. 

When you book your senior portrait session with Naturally Vivid Photography, you'll receive the exclusive client guide with all this info and much MORE to be sure you have the senior session of your dreams.